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Our Advantage
Cooperation Model
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High-Quality Global Owned Traffic
Our users span across 100+ countries and regions, with a monthly active user base of over 200 million. Over 85% of our user base consists of millennials and Generation Z (data source: Firebase), making us highly effective in reaching emerging market segments.
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Cost-Effective User Acquisition Capability
We efficiently acquire high-quality users across various media channels at a low cost, reducing customer acquisition timelines and lowering acquisition expenses. We provide premium service for game developers.
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Mature Overseas Localization Operations
Extensive localization experience, multilingual localization operations (English, Portuguese, Spanish, Indonesian, Arabic, etc.), offering services such as game script translation and management operations in various countries' languages.
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Professional and Comprehensive Publishing Services
Dedicated teams provide end-to-end publishing services, with operational, promotional, design, marketing, and other teams overseeing the product's publishing process, ensuring rapid response to requirements.