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Company Overview

Mobiuspace is a global Internet technology company. Our mission is to inspire every corner of the world through technology. Snaptube is our key product that cover more than 100 countries and regions around the world, creating varied and diverse platforms for our global users to discover and create video and music content that delight users’ life anytime, anywhere.

As a pioneer with deep involvement in global emerging markets, our products have grown to 200 million monthly active users in Latin America and the Middle East. Mobiuspace has become a representative case of Chinese internet companies going overseas and has received series-C funding from many top institutions such as Tencent.

Mobiuspace was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Shenzhen, and currently have branches or offices in several countries and regions, including Beijing, Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina.

Our Mission

Inspire Every Corner of the World Through Technology

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Cultural Values

Cultural Values

Create Value for Users

Openness & Sincerity



Core Products

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A global music and video aggregation and creation platform

Snaptube is one of the most popular mobile applications in global emerging markets with large scale of monthly active users. Through big data and AI technology, Snaptube provides high-quality and valuable digital content to hundreds of millions users.

Whether you look for global news or local trends, you can discover varied contents through Snaptube that provides simple pleasure to your daily life.

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200 million monthly active users

Cover more than 100 countries around the world


Global cumulative users exceed 1 billion

Outstanding Award in China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

The company’s case was selected by Ivey Publishing, an internationally well-known case library


Launched a short video mobile application, Zapee

Facebook Top 50 Chinese Emerging Stars Overseas

Deloitte Top 20 Shenzhen High Tech High Growth


Series-C funding

100 million monthly active users

National High-tech Enterprise Certification

Sensors Data-Driven Conference - Industry Newstar Award


Series-B funding

50 million monthly active users


Mobiuspace was established and demerged from Wandoujia before Alibaba acquire Wandoujia

Series-A funding

Global cumulative users exceeded 100 million

Top 100 Most Valuable Enterprises in Zero2IPO Group

Let’s work to inspire 1 billion + people